5 Sports GIFs to Brighten Your Day: Part 2

Back by popular demand, we have yet another collection of 5 GIFs from your favorite sports to put you in a good mood. These aren’t just 5 plain old boring sports GIFs. No, these are 5 pieces of art so stunning that they need to be kept on repeat for eternity. These plays come along every so often, plays so beautiful you just have to stop and stare. Often times they make Top 10 lists for a week or so before they fade away, never to be fully appreciated again. I have two problems with that. First, Top 10 highlight videos and blooper reels are great, but they don’t give you a real opportunity to fully appreciate the beauty or humor of each play for the time it deserves. They also often neglect  plays from less popular sports because “people don’t care” or don’t understand the rules of the game. Ratings are king, and this means that plays from less popular sports or lower level teams get skipped over. That doesn’t make them any less deserving of your attention. My second issue is that these plays are timeless. I don’t care if they happened this morning or forty years ago, they are still incredible and deserve continued attention for just how special they are. They don’t happen every day, but they happen often enough that we get swept up by the newest “Play of the Week”, so we forget about the truly amazing plays that often top them, but escape our memory because they happened long enough ago that we don’t think about them anymore. So without any further ado, here are 5 more sports GIFs to brighten your day.

Just like they drew it up

amazing rugby score sports gif

Take that you peasanthenrik lundqvist squirts sidney crosby sports gif

Who needs teammates when you’re Messi

lionel messi amazing run gif

Gotta keep your head up kids

ryan braun hits jason segura baseball gif

Pardon me a moment, I just need to sign this ball…

johnny manziel signs footbal during play gif

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